Hi there ! I am Charlene Bourlon, an independent journalist in sport and news.

Well, my first experience in Journalism was when I joined the French branch of TV channel Eurosport 7 years ago. My tasks were diversified.This was an amazing first training and opportunity in an industry where I grew !

And that’s how it’s started !

I wanted to continue my story, in somewhere else ! I left France in 2017 to live in New Zealand and discover the iconic NZ Rugby. This was an occasion to get more experience abroad on a field that I love, get more exposure, and grow my career. To be an expat helped me a lot to broaden my skills in journalism as an editor, a reporter and a filmmaker. I accumulated experiences, learnt different ways to work with international medias ! 

Thanks to those, I am more passionate and more creative. I love telling sports and human stories – and that’s it, this was my (short) story!  I am ready for new challenges in France or anywhere !

So for any projects offers, please contact me through my site or directly write to me at: charlene.bourlon@gmail.com

Download my CV here : English / French